Clash of the Titians is a rap battle league located in the Durham Region that was founded by William Shaw in efforts to support the battle rap movement. Since forming in 2012 we have held on-line video battles and a couple shows, but the response and the support was not really coming from the local hip hop community but from Toronto, and its surrounding areas. We are new and still fresh and don’t want to be labeled as copycat company but when you see a good thing its hard not to be inspired by the success and popularity of some of the respected battle leagues.
With Clash of the Titians our vision is to not only do rap battles but further explore unique ways of running our battles and our company. Clash of the Titians is the name we came up with and were strongly inspired by ancient Roman and Greek mythology, stadium style battles, and gladiator style tournament death matches.
That being said; welcome to Clash of the Titans rap battles we appreciate your support and to be honest our success wouldn’t be possible without the battler’s and their fans.



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